30/04/2024      Roundtable Discussion: ‘Is Winter Still Coming? The Arctic Humanities in Times of Climate Change’ (with Prof Sverker Sörlin, Dr Juliane Egerer, Anne-Sophie Balzer), Universität Augsburg, Augsburg, DE.

04/03/2024      ‘Ukichiro Nakaya’s Expansive Cryosphere’ Northern Environmental History Network Research Seminar, Online, UK.

21/02/2024      ‘How do you tell a story like Nakaya?’, IDK Colloquium 2024, Munich/Augsburg, DE.

10/02/2024       ‘Climate Change and the Aesthetics of Scientists’ Engagement with Nature’ Values in Climate and Environmental Sciences, Munich, DE.

25/08/2023      ‘Snowflakes as ArchivesEuropean Society of Environmental History Annual Conference 2023, Bern, CH.

16/02/2023      ‘Why Scientific Visualisation Matters’, IDK Colloquium 2023, Munich/Augsburg, DE.

09/02/2023      ‘The Visual Culture of Studying Snowflakes Oberseminar „Perspektiven der Wissenschaftsgeschichte“, LMU, Munich, DE.

07/12/2022      ‘From Pencil to Camera: How Picturing Snowflakes Changed in the Nineteenth CenturyKolloquium Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Universität Regensburg, Regensburg, DE.

23/07/2022      ‘Environment, technology, and visual technique in the study of snowflakes, 1800-1900British Society for the History of Science Annual Conference, Belfast, UK.

21/04/2022      ‘Making snowflake knowledge: a longue-durée history of scienceRachel Carson Center Research Forum 2022, Munich, DE.

30/03/2022      ‘Picturing Snowflakes, 1611-1966: A New Approach to Global, Longue-durée History of ScienceIDK Colloquium 2022, Munich/Augsburg, DE.

12/06/2020      Static, or dynamic? Electricity in the Dutch Republic, 1745-1789’, Going Viral: HSMT Postgraduate Conference, Oxford, UK

19/06/2019      ‘Understanding Dutch Science in the Age of Revolution: the vision and career of Jan Hendrik van Swinden (1746-1823)’, St. Chad’s College Undergraduate Research Forum, Durham, UK

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